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Mini Book Haul

I haven’t been in a bookstore in ages. Well, by ages I mean about three months. But that’s ages for me. I used to frequent bookstores incessantly. I spent way too much money building up my TBR shelves. I grew out of going all the time just because I knew I didn’t have proper self-control.

This past weekend, I finally broke my fast! I was visiting my family in New Hampshire because I had a long weekend for Memorial Day. I went to get ice cream and on my way back to the house, I drove past the local indie bookstore. I got the sudden urge to stop in, so I turned around and parked just outside.

Stepping into the store was incredible. It was peaceful, calming, and I was surrounded by the things I love. The woman at the counter greeted me with a smile, asking if I needed help. I told her I was just browsing, which was true. I figured I’d maybe grab a couple things–I made myself promise I would only get books that were already on my TBR list. Which isn’t actually that helpful since I have so many.

I felt so at peace in the store. It made me want to work at a bookstore myself, or volunteer at one. I already have a full-time job, so I’m not sure I can really make time for a part-time gig, but it would be so nice to spend my time in a bookstore! I guess I’ll have to think it over a little more.

I was impressed with myself for recognizing so many of the covers and titles. I’ve always been obsessed with books, but until recently I wasn’t ever really up-to-date on new releases. But I knew the vast majority of books and/or authors on the shelves! I browsed through new releases, bestsellers, young adult, and then made my way upstairs to the large used books section.

I ended up picking up an almost-new copy of The Glass Castle by Jeannette Walls, a lightly-used copy of One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez, and a brand new copy of Everything, Everything by Nicola Yoon. I’m excited to read all three!  At the very least, if I don’t enjoy OHYOS or Everything, Everything, the covers will make a nice addition to my shelves. 🙂

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