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Top 10 Tuesday: Books I’ve Struggled to Read

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish. This week’s theme is book you had a hard time reading. This is actually perfect, since I DNF’d several books last month! I used to have a difficult time DNFing books, but over the past couple years I realized that it’s a waste of my time to read something that I don’t enjoy. Like Brea and Mallory said on a recent episode of Reading Glasses: you’re always going to have a TBR pile. Why waste time reading something you hate when you have thousands of other books to choose from? Anyway, here are some books I’ve struggled to read:


Animal, Vegetable, Miracle had a lot of good information in it, but was way too conceited for me to get through. It’s a shame because I loved the writing, but I hated the way Kingsolver spoke about things.


Cats & Daughters just wasn’t my jam. There wasn’t anything wrong with it, I just wasn’t a fan of the narrator and it didn’t feel like anything special. I didn’t even make it to the cat.


Extracted had potential, but I just did NOT like it. The first half was so interesting and well-written, but once all the characters ended up together, it lost everything that made it compelling and I couldn’t make myself finish it.


I usually like Rainbow Rowell, but this book really fell flat for me. It was creepy from the start and maybe(???) it gets better, but I hated the way the main character talked about and looked at women and I was so frustrated with it that I had to stop reading.


Again, I just wasn’t impressed. This was a gift, so there was nothing that really led me to read it other than the fact that it was sitting on my shelf. I didn’t like the writing. That’s basically all I have to say about it!


I made it impressively far into Watership Down, but I just couldn’t finish it. I hated that there were no female characters and I hated the way the few female characters were written. I felt like I had to drag myself through most of the book, save for a few interesting parts. Anyway, I heard bad things about where it goes from here so I left off once they started talking about how they needed does to breed with. Eugh.

Have you read any of these books? What did you think about them? What are some books you’ve had to DNF, or just struggled to get through?

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2 thoughts on “Top 10 Tuesday: Books I’ve Struggled to Read”

  1. Barbara Kingsolver leaves a bad taste for me, too. I think because each of her books I’ve read or looked into had an agenda to push, and they came off, as you said, conceited and condescending. I’ve heard differently of the Poisonwood Bible so maybe, just maybe, I’ll get around to that one some day!

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