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Favorite Lesser-Known Books

After doing my Most Popular/Highest Rated TBR post recently, I got to thinking: what are the least well-known 5-star books I’ve read? To figure this out, I ordered my “read” shelf on Goodreads by number of ratings ascending and picked out the ones I had rated five stars. Below are my results!

Lessons from a Child by Lucy McCormick Calkins.
35 ratings, 4.17 average.

Ask Me About My Uterus by Abby Norman.
163 ratings, 3.98 average, review.

A Cat Named Darwin by William Jordan.
193 ratings, 3.67 average.

The Bird Market of Paris by Nikki Moustaki.
253 ratings, 3.84 average.

Like Water by Rebecca Podos.
344 ratings, 3.73 average, review.

It’s always fun to see how your thoughts compare to the thoughts of others, and how well-known the books you’ve read are! Please tag me if you decide to do this as well, I’d love to see what your favorite lesser-known books are. 🙂

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(Covers courtesy of Goodreads.)

3 thoughts on “Favorite Lesser-Known Books”

    1. I hadn’t heard of any of the ones on your list, but I ended up adding a couple to my TBR. 🙂 Some on my list are newer, but some are also a little niche, I think. One of them was actually an ARC I read a couple years ago that must’ve not taken off, which is a shame because it was very good!


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