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Series I Need to Finish

I am… very bad at finishing series, so I figured I’d make a post detailing some of the series I need to finish! These are all series that I’ve read at least one book out of, but have yet to complete.


The Southern Reach Trilogy
So I’ve read Annihilation and Authority and I’m FINALLY getting to Acceptance. I’ll have this one in the bag soon.


The Raven Cycle
I’m halfway through and I have Blue Lily, Lily Blue sitting on my shelf begging me to read it. Soon.


The Forest of Hands and Teeth
I’ve actually read The Forest of Hands and Teeth twice, so I really need to work on completing this series at some point!


Y’all please don’t judge me, but my friends and I are doing a Warriors buddy read. We’ve gotten through the first one and are hopefully moving to the second soon!


Protector of the Small
Tammy is one of my favorite writers and I have no idea how I haven’t finished this series yet, tbh.

So! There y’all have it. Just a handful of the many series I’ve begun but have yet to commit to finishing. Hopefully someday soon I will no longer have these books looming over me. 🙂

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5 thoughts on “Series I Need to Finish”

    1. I loved the first book, but DNFed the second the first time I read it. The second time I tried to get through the series, I tore through both of them pretty quickly! I think you have to be in the mood for them, honestly.


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