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Bookish This or That Tag

I’ve been in a slump lately, so I’m leaning more into tags and themed posts rather than reviews. I saw this one over on Sam’s blog and thought it looked fun!

Series or standalone?
I really tend to read more standalones. I like series, but I have trouble keeping up with them!

Magic earned or magic born?
I’d have to say magic earned. Magic born can be fun, but I do like to see characters rewarded for their hard work.

Enemies to lovers or friends to lovers?
HMMM, probably enemies to lovers.

Hilarious banter or emotional ruin?

Love triangle or instalove?
Love triangle that turns triad. Literally every love triangle I see I’m like “y’all, this is what polyamory is for”

Keyboard smash names or all names starting with the same letter?
Same letter, unless there’s some kind of logic behind the keyboard smash, like it matches up with a language or something. But then I guess it’s no longer a keyboard smash.

Mean parents or dead parents?
This feels like a lose/lose. Probably dead parents. I hate reading about abusive parents.

Supermodel looks or constantly says how “plain” they are?
Honestly, I don’t care as long as a character isn’t drop-dead gorgeous but pretending to be ugly (@ every movie and TV show ever).

Face on cover or typography on cover?
Typography 100%. Face would have to be absurdly well-done and is difficult to pull off.

Villain turning a little good or hero turning a little bad?
Tough choice. I am kind of digging antiheros, so I guess I’ll go that route.

Best friend dies or love interest dies?
This is difficult, but I say love interest.

Awesome writing with a dull plot or amazing plot with murderously bad writing?
Yikes, definitely awesome writing. Dull plots are difficult, but they’re growing on me as long as the writing is lovely. Bad writing and that book is going straight to the DNF pile.

Cliffhanger ending or heartbreaking ending?
Heartbreaker, because I’d like to know what’s happened, even if I’m dying inside.

Breaking the spine or dog-earing the pages?
Y’all are gonna hate me because I actively do BOTH, but dog-earing pages is much more handy.

“Bad boy” trope or “perfect golden boy” trope?
Gimme a bad boy tbh (unless it’s Gansey, then I want the sweet boy).

That was a cute fun one! Let me know if you do this so I can check out your answers. 🙂

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