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A couple months ago, Ally made this really fun post (inspired by Kaleena) about looking at her blog’s search terms. I love to look through my search terms from time to time, so I decided to make a post about it as well! I’ll group related searches together just for simplicity’s sake, and I won’t include searches that are just “[book] review” unless there are more than expected for a single book.

“sarah suoerfan stuff you should know”
I have no idea what this means??

“merry spinster thankless child”
“the merry spinster review the wedding party”
“a merry spinster the thankless child”
“the merry spinster the wedding party”
“ortberg thankless child”
I don’t know how so many people ended up at my blog searching for this, but I hope they enjoyed my review.

“stefan merrill block”
“oliver loving review”
“”oliver loving” “stefan merrill block””
This is also another book/author that has given me some traffic for ??? unclear reasons.

“we have always lived in the castle characters”
Ah, one of my fav books! Unfortunately I do not provide a list of characters.

“sarah foley black lives matter”
I have gotten curious and also searched this, but I don’t know who or what they’re looking for!

“ghost wall spoiler”
Pretty sure there are no spoilers in my review. Sorry, stranger!

“bad man by dathan auerbach explained”
I wish I knew what they wanted explained, because I’d be happy to help.

“sarah foley short story”
Whomst is she?

“the winter people sara”
Kind of, I guess?

“tbr gems”
Vague yet specific. Sorry I don’t have this for you!

“the wild girls by pat murphy real life comparison”
I do Not know what this means.

“seven deaths of evelyn hardcastle spolier”
“seven deaths of hardcastle review”
No spoliers here.

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18 thoughts on “My Blog’s Searches”

  1. Lol this is quite amusing! 🙂 How are you able to check that? When I check the Insights section of WordPress I can only see what search engines were used (in my case Google and Yahoo) but I can’t see what the search terms were.


  2. A search term that pops up in my stats all the time is Egalia’s Daughter’s, a pretty obscure feminist satire – or so I thought! It seriously shows up at least once a week. The traffic often comes from India, of all places!

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  3. I love this! What a neat post concept – I might have to borrow it, haha. The Dathan Auerbach one cracked me up because, honestly, even having read Bad Man, I wouldn’t mind someone explaining to me what the hell the author was thinking with some of it. 😬

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Np, happy to share!! I was surprised as well, although I will say I sometimes look for spoilery reviews if it’s something I don’t intend to read or finish reading, haha.

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