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Choose the Year Book Tag

I saw that Emily did this and thought it looked fun, so I figured I’d do it as well! Emily went with the year she was born (as several other people have done), so I thought I would too (1992, btw). For fun, I also looked at the years I graduated from both college and high school (although those will not be a part of this post). It was interesting to see which books were published then!

If you’d like to participate as well, just use this link and swap out the xxxx for the appropriate year:

The tag prompts:

  1. Choose a year and say why.
  2. Which books published in that year have you read, or if none, heard of.
  3. Are there any books published in that year that sound interesting and would you read them now?
  4. Most obscure sounding book?
  5. Strangest book cover

Turns out I’ve read a whopping 13 of the top books published in 1992 — never mind that apparently half of those were Goosebumps books, ha.

And these four are all books on the list that are on my TBR!

This random Polish fantasy is definitely the most obscure-sounding.

I’m going to bypass strangest book cover, as they’re difficult to see in the list and I don’t want to go through them ALL.

Overall though, this was a fun tag! I liked looking through the lists a lot. I’m not going to tag anyone, as I just did another tag, but please let me know if you do this! I’d like to see your results as well. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Choose the Year Book Tag”

  1. I was gonna do 1992 also but I looked at the Goodreads list and I’d only read The Secret History… but I didn’t realize The Rainbow Fish was also from that year dsjklfdsjk ok I got 2

    Was Written on the Body good?? I picked it up at a library sale recently because Jeanette Winterson, but it didn’t have a summary on the back and then I looked it up on Goodreads later and the summary just confused me even more.

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    1. Uhh, I liked it a lot more the first time I read it (I’ve read it twice), but I think it’s good! Not my favorite by her though (I’ve only read a couple of her books tho, not including Frankissstein).

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  2. I remember liking Written on the Body but I can’t remember much about it now. Just that it was really different from much of what I’d read at that point. Other than that I’ve only read Rainbow Fish and Stinky Cheese Man from these, haha! 1992 isn’t my year I see.

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  3. Ooh, Goosebumps! I loved those books as a kid but can only remember like 3 specific titles that I’m SURE were ones that I read. They blurred together a bit for me. Otherwise, I’ve only read The Rainbow Fish and The Secret History from your read list, and Dolores Claiborne from your TBR list, which I hope you enjoy, btw!
    Would you recommend Written on the Body? I’ve been wanting to read more of Winterson’s work after loving Frankissstein… I’m slowly (ebooks are not my strong point) working through Oranges are Not the Only Fruit, but would definitely appreciate further recommendations.
    (And this is such a fun tag to see different answers for, I’m so glad you picked it up!)

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    1. I agree that a lot of them blurred together for me as well!

      I’d recommend Written on the Body for sure! I think I preferred Sexing the Cherry to it, but both are good. I’m hoping to read more of her work as well. 🙂

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      1. Ah, thanks for the recommendations! I know I’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg so far, but she really does seem to be a fantastic writer!

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