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Organizing my TBR VIII

I was inspired by Charlotte’s posts to try this. If you don’t follow Charlotte, I highly recommend you do! She shares a lot of queer lit and is half of the team over at Reads Rainbow (which you should ALSO follow).

I’ve tried several TBR memes before, but I like the idea of ranking books with a numerical system! This first post is just going to be playing around a bit. Charlotte rates books based on how motivated she is to read it (1-5) multiplied by how interested she is in the premise (1-5).

I plan to start by using a similar system: priority (1-5) + interest in blurb (1-5) + average friend rating on GR (1-5) / 3. I’ll check out the final result and make my decision from there. I’m not going to make any hard rules, but my guess is a score of 3+ is good enough to stay. Very high ratings will get put on my tbr asap shelf. If none of my friends have rated the book, then I’ll use the Goodreads rating instead.

  • The New Jim Crow
    • Priority, 5. Interest, 5. Friends’ Ratings, 4.75.
    • Score: 4.92, TBR ASAP.
  • The Gallery of Unfinished Girls
    • Priority, 2. Interest, 3. Friends’ Ratings, 4.5.
    • Score: 3.17, keep.
  • The Nowhere Girls
    • Priority, 3. Interest, 4. Friends’ Ratings, 4.58.
    • Score: 3.86, keep.
  • The Shining
    • Priority, 5. Interest, 4. Friends’ Ratings, 4.12.
    • Score: 4.37, keep.
    • This is already on my TBR ASAP shelf & will probably be read within the next month or so.
  • Words in Deep Blue
    • Priority, 2. Interest, 3. Friends’ Ratings, 4.27.
    • Score: 3.09, keep.

TBR at Start of Series: 1282
TBR Today: 1433 (lolll help me)
TBR Now: 1429

I removed a mere four books today, which is a sad 20%. I did also add two more books to my TBR ASAP annnd had a third already there, which means I should read them in the next year or so. I’m really excited that I’ve started doing this, since it’s clear there are so many books I’m no longer interested in that are bogging down my TBR. Let me know if any of you decide to try Charlotte’s reorganizing as well, I’d like to see how it works for others. 🙂

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