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Letterboxd Gems III

Hi everyone! I decided to try a new thing here: every so often I’ll post particularly funny or entertaining Letterboxd reviews from movies I’ve seen recently. If you’ve never heard of Letterboxd, it’s like Goodreads but for movies (feel free to add me if you’d like!) and there are plenty of interesting reviews. I’ll usually sift through them after seeing a film, which is how I got the idea to share them! A lot of these reviews will have spoilers, so feel free to skip through only to films you’ve already seen if you’d like to avoid being spoiled.

It Chapter Two

pennywise literally dying because of his self-esteem issues…. i’m feeling very attacked

Letterboxed user Love, Nathan

i have many thoughts, but my main one is that pennywise sounded like winnie the pooh

letterboxd user sophie

It was very surreal to see a 3-hour movie where a bunch of adults gets together to verbally bully a little clown.

Letterboxd user Hungkat

Ready or Not

in the name of the father (parasite), the son (knives out) and the holy spirit (ready or not)

letterboxd user aliyah

heterosexual marriage should be illegal actually

letterboxd user sree

MCU (Midsommar Cinematic Universe)

letterboxd user Sarah

Girl on the Third Floor

The House that Jizz Built

letterboxd user Harry

I cannot overstate the sheer obsession this film has with the viscosity of cum, to the extent that I walked out of the cinema feeling as if I had some stuck in my hair.

letterboxd user Jamie Tram

Too many bodily fluids

letterboxd user Chadwin

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4 thoughts on “Letterboxd Gems III”

  1. omg i LOVE letterboxd – one of my fav things ever is to just go on letterboxd after ive watched a movie and scroll through the reviews bc theyre all so funny but still rli accurate. i dont even care if i hated the movie sometimes the letterboxd reviews make it worth the watch lol

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