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Weekly Wrap – 6 Jul – 12 Jul

Hi all, I’ve decided to start doing a weekly wrap-up just for fun! I intend to use the WWW Wednesday format but will be doing these on Monday as a Monday-Sunday week makes the most sense to me.

Currently Reading

Nightmares & Dreamscapes; I started re-reading this about a month ago but have set it aside for the moment. I’m keeping it on my CR just so I remember to pick it back up again!

I Hold a Wolf by the Ears; I’m about a quarter into this short story collection and really enjoying it!

Recently Finished

The Ballad of Black Tom; In comparison to last week’s four novels, I was only able to read a single novella this week.

Up Next

This depends pretty strongly on the holds that come in next from my library, so we’ll see! But the following seem likely:

Luster and The Light Brigade

Let me know how your weeks went, hopefully well!

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