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(Mostly) Overdue ARCs

In an attempt at some accountability, I thought I would share the ARCs I still have to read with you all. Out of the nine ARCs I have, seven are overdue. To be fair to me, 2020 and 2021 have been rough and I have been in grad school and I overestimated what I could read. That being said, here are the ARCs I have left to read, starting with the oldest. Please let me know your thoughts on these, if you’ve read them, or whether you’d be interested in buddy reading any of them!

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8 thoughts on “(Mostly) Overdue ARCs”

  1. Sorrowland is a very dark read, so id make sure youre like at least in an okay mood to read it lol. its great though! the writing is super compelling and its really rewarding following the main character on her journey throughout the novel 🙌

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