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5 Star Predictions: Update and Round 3

In this meme, you choose 5 books you think you’ll rate 5 stars and then come back later to see if you were right. Below is the second round of books I chose, as well as my ratings for them:

Wow, we had NO WINNERS. Also it’s been almost [checks notes] 3 years since Round 2, oops. Waking Gods actually made me decide to DNF the entire series. Rebecca was good and I’m glad I read it. Conversations with Friends was SO CLOSE to 5 stars and probably would have been had I been in a better headspace reading it. I had not looked into Human Acts before reading it and it was VERY different from The Vegetarian; good, but not quite my thing. A Girl Like Her was great and I do intend on continuing the series!

Here’s the next set of books I expect to love:

  • Beautiful World, Where Are You. I basically always assume Sally Rooney is just going to dunk on me.
  • Little Weirds. My best friend loved this and I’ve been looking forward to it.
  • The Obelisk Gate (The Broken Earth Trilogy #2). The Fifth Season obliterated me.
  • So Sad Today. The Pisces is one of my all-time favorites so I’m excited to see what else Melissa Broder has in store for me. (Milk Fed also could have been on here)
  • We Are Okay. This one is just a gut feeling.

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