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June 2022 Wrap-Up

June was kind of wild for me, hence why this wrap-up is late! I spent most of the month dogsitting, and went to Boston for a weekend. Last week I ended up with either an aggressive cold or the flu (tested negative 4x for the Big Bad) which put me in bed for days. We’ve also extended our hours at work, so I’ve been spending a lot more time there. I did get a lot of reading done, though!

Books Read:

  • The Fire Never Goes Out by ND Stevenson. 4 stars, review.
  • The Collective by Allison Gaylin. 4 stars, review.
  • Rock Paper Scissors by Alice Feeney. 3.5 stars, review.
  • Fault Lines by Emily Itami. 3.5 stars, review.
  • Little Weirds by Jenny Slate. 4 stars, review.
  • Hide by Kiersten White. 4.5 stars, RTC.
  • Know My Name by Chanel Miller. 5 stars, RTC.
  • Geek Love by Katherine Dunn. 2.5 stars, RTC.
  • Vladimir by Julia May Jones. 3 stars, RTC.

Books read: 9 books
Average rating: 3.67 stars

Other Media:

Short Reads/Watches:

My Month in Photos:

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