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July 2022 Wrap-Up

It feels like I spent most of July sick, which was incredibly frustrating. I haven’t been able to do stuff around the house OR stuff for fun because I’ve been trying to rest between dogsitting. Thankfully I have August off for dogsitting so far, so I can have some more time to myself. I hope everyone else had a better July than I did. Please update me on your adventures!

Books Read:

  • Sorrowland by Rivers Solomon. 2 stars, RTC.
  • The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake. 4 stars, RTC.
  • The F*ck It Diet by Caroline Dooner. 3 stars, review.
  • The House Across the Lake by Riley Sager. 1 star, review.
  • 20th Century Ghosts by Joe Hill. 3 stars, RTC.
  • The Pallbearers Club by Paul Tremblay. 2 stars, review.
  • Beneath the Keep by Erika Johansen. 3.5 stars, review.

Books read: 7 books
Average rating: 2.64 stars (ew, I hope August is a better reading month, too!)

Other Media:

  • Movies:
  • TV Shows:
    • Web of Make Believe, Season 1 Eps 5-6
    • Get Organized, Season 1 Eps 1-2
    • Raised by Wolves, Season 1, Ep 4
    • The Boys, Season 3 Eps 6-8

Short Reads/Watches:

My Month in Photos:

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