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I took a look at my series in progress recently (I keep track of them in my general reading spreadsheet) and was inspired to post about them by Destiny’s recent blog post. I currently have eight series I decided to DNF this year, seven series I’m caught up on, one series I completed this year, and eleven series that I can and should be continuing.


  • The Dreamer Trilogy. I really liked Call Down the Hawk but Mister Impossible was a slog for me to try to get through. I looked up a plot summary and decided to officially DNF the series.
  • Outlander. Outlander had its issues, but I did enjoy it! At almost 1000 pages, Dragonfly in Amber was dragging for me, even listening to the audiobook at almost 2x speed. This is a long series of long books and I think I’m just out.
  • Throne of Glass. I don’t even have any complaints about this series, I just feel completely unmotivated to finish. Perhaps I’ll come back to it another time.
  • Winston Brothers. I read the first in this series back in 2020 and liked it, but I’ve realized I just am not going to end up prioritizing this series and should just DNF it.
  • Dune. The Dune audiobook was good! Unfortunately I found Paul unbelievably boring. After checking and seeing that Dune Messiah continues to follow him, I decided to DNF.
  • Dublin Murder Squad. Oh my god, I thought In the Woods was SO boring. I know the next book doesn’t follow Rob, but I just can’t bring myself to continue.
  • The Radiant Emperor. Book two hasn’t even been released yet, but I found She Who Became the Sun too focused on political intrigue for my tastes. The book was good! Just not for me.
  • The Sandman. This is barely worth counting, because I DNFed Preludes & Nocturnes after 50 pages, but I like to track all series I start. Anyway, just not for me.
  • The Sand Chronicles. I also DNFed Across the Sand, so I won’t be continuing this if Howey decides to write more.

Caught Up

  • The Numair Chronicles. The first book came out back in 2018 and I have simply been waiting. I know Tammy is still working on this (I’m in her fb fan group and she’s relatively active), I’m unsure as to when we can expect it.
  • The Adventure Zone. I adore this podcast, and the graphic novel follows the first season of it. The next installment is out in February and I have already preordered it!
  • The Sixth World. I am patiently awaiting the next book in this series. We don’t have a title, cover, or release date so… I continue to wait.
  • Alex Stern. It’s divisive, but I really liked Ninth House. Hell Bent comes out in just over two weeks and I’ve also preordered it!
  • A Court of Thorns and Roses. My beloved guilty pleasure. I’m not sure when the next book is going to be released, but I’m in no rush.
  • Blood and Ash. Okay, I am conflicted. I really loved the first two books, but the third was eh, and the fourth was… not great. The only reason I finished it was for [redacted]. This does just seem like the first book from a different POV though, so hopefully I’ll enjoy it.
  • Bright Falls. I absolutely adored Delilah Green Doesn’t Care and could have gotten along better with Astrid Parker Doesn’t Fail, so I am cautiously optimistic for Iris Kelly Doesn’t Date. I didn’t looove Iris as a character, but I think getting her direct POV will help.


  • Cafe. I decided to skip the second book because it’s not a dynamic I’m a fan of, so I’m headed straight into this standalone novella next.
  • Loose Ends. I loved Xeni‘s character in Rafe and am excited to see her in a (I believe) fake marriage scenario.
  • The Girl With All the Gifts. I have no idea how they’ll follow up the first, but I am excited to find out.
  • Cambric Creek. No judgement, please. It’s a good series!


  • The Scholomance. I found this sort of anticlimactic, but was frustrated by a lot of the reviews I’ve seen. I am sending this to my friend Hadeer so we can discuss.

2 thoughts on “Series Progress”

  1. This is such a good idea! I really need to sit down and look at my series reading and see where I’m at.

    For what it’s worth, Record of a Spaceborn Few was my least favourite Wayfarers book too, but I loved Galaxy. I liked how the Dreamers trilogy wrapped up, but I was extremely frustrated with Mister Impossible too.

    Thanks for the reminders to continue reading the Rebecca Roanhorse series! I loved Trail of Lightning but never picked up Book #2. I really need to finish Scholomance too.

    I remember almost nothing about Ninth House except how much I liked it – can’t wait for Hell Bent though!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It was really nice to lay them all out and to decide what I actually feel like continuing. That is so good to know about Wayfarers! I’ll probably try to get to Record of a Spaceborn Few soon and will just move quickly past it if it doesn’t work for me.

      I cannot waittt for Rebecca Roanhorse to finish the series. I hope you like the rest of the Scholomance! I wish I had liked book 3 better, but I was also struggling myself when I read it, so it’s probably better than I felt like it was.


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