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2022 Wrap-Up


I read 86 books in 2022! 81 of these were first-time reads, 5 were re-reads, and 15 were DNFs.

My most read genre was Fantasy (26 books, 9812 pages), followed by Literary Fiction (18 books, 5469 pages) and Horror (14 books, 4387 pages).

I read primarily ebooks this year!

Relatedly, almost 70% of my reads were from the library. Almost 12% were ARCs, which were almost all digital.

I rated most books 4 stars (104 books), followed by 3 stars (42 books) and 3.5 stars (42 books). My average rating was 3.52 stars.

I averaged 7.2 books per month and 2740 pages per month.

I used Brock Roberts’ reading spreadsheet to generate these statistics! I intend to read more intentionally in 2023, so I’m hoping my average rating ends up a little higher. 🙂 Please share if you’ve put together any of your statistics!

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1 thought on “2022 Wrap-Up”

  1. I read so many fantasy novels last year too. Can’t get enough of that genre lol. I want to get into reading sci-fi but I’m hardly making any progress. I did, however, read Three Body Problem which was amazing. I read some literary fiction. Some of the Booker nominees were good.

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