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Favorite Backlist Reads of 2022

I already wrote a Favorite 2022 Releases list, so here are my favorite books of 2022 written in previous years.

  • Know My Name, 5 stars. Absolutely devastating, but beautifully written.
  • The Fifth Season, 5 stars. I need to finish this trilogy, also a devastating read.
  • Why Fish Don’t Exist, 5 stars. I listened to the audiobook version of this and had to sit in my driveway after a long ride to finish it because I just couldn’t stop.
  • Detransition, Baby, 5 stars. A really amazing and insightful read.
  • Near the Bone, 5 stars. I read this essentially in one sitting. An emotional read, but also very spooky.
  • From Blood and Ash, 5 stars. I inhaled this series.
  • A Kingdom of Flesh and Fire, 5 stars. See above.
  • How to Keep House While Drowning, 5 stars. A really gentle self-help book for those who struggle with house cleaning.
  • The Paper Palace, 4.5 stars. Thinking about this still makes me so emotional.
  • Milk Fed, 4.5 stars. I love Melissa Broder so much, but her books are not for everyone.

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