Review Policy

General Information

I am currently accepting Adult and Young Adult books for review. You can send emails to samesfoley at gmail dot com.

I accept ARCs, finished copies, and ebooks. If the book is part of a series, then I may need the previous books.

I am NOT accepting requests for audiobooks at this time.


You can check to see if your book is on my TBR list. If it’s there, then you can be sure I want to read it. You can also use my TBR list to get a feel for what kind of books I am interested in.

I accept Adult and YA in the following genres:

  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Paranormal/Horror
  • Contemporary
  • LGBTQ+
  • Graphic Novels
  • Select Non-Fiction
  • Short Story Compilations

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:

  • Children’s
  • History
  • Humor and Comedy
  • Philosophy
  • Poetry
  • Religion
  • Travel

Accepting Books

If I accept a book, that does not guarantee a review.

I will do my best to read and review books in a timely manner, taking into account release dates, but I cannot guarantee this. I prefer to receive a book at least 2 months prior to when you would like the review posted.


I will write a review for almost every book I finish. My reviews will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon. My reviews are written in a casual manner, as though I were discussing my thoughts with someone. They are not meant to be objective literary critiques.

I will write honest reviews, meaning that they will not always be positive. If I do not enjoy a book, my review will reflect that but I will attempt to explain politely why the book did not work for me personally. I do not want to tear down a writer, just to express my own experience with the book. These reviews are my opinions.

If I do not finish a book, I may write an explanation for why. This will be different from a standard review.

Review Structure

Reviews will include the following:

  • Cover art
  • Book stats: Title, author, publisher, page count, publishing date/release date
  • Links to Goodreads page, IndieBound page, and author’s website
  • My review: my thoughts, what I liked and disliked
  • Star rating

Ratings Explained

5 Stars – Loved it
4 Stars – Really liked it
3 Stars
– Liked it 
2 Stars
– Didn’t like it
1 Star – Hated it (very rare)

Ratings are based on my personal enjoyment of the book and are not meant to be objective.

(Thanks to Small Review for offering their Review Policy as a guide)