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Letterboxd Gems IX

Hi everyone! Time for another edition of Letterboxd Gems. As a reminder: every so often I’ll post particularly funny or entertaining Letterboxd reviews from movies I’ve seen recently. If you’ve never heard of Letterboxd, it’s like Goodreads but for movies (feel free to add me if you’d like!) and there are plenty of interesting reviews. I’ll usually sift through them after seeing a film, which is how I got the idea to share them! A lot of these reviews will have spoilers, so feel free to skip through only to films you’ve already seen if you’d like to avoid being spoiled.

Midnight Mass [2021]

haven’t been to church in a while, maybe i should go

letterboxd user cilliansheart

you’re telling me no one in this town has read twilight?

letterboxd user flowerbookmark

Oh it’s the island that makes you young. Get wrecked Shyamalan.

letterboxd user ethan_mateo

Dune [2021]

mf named PAUL

letterboxd user tototoro

Oops! I fucked a witch and now our son has anxiety

letterboxd user bernieandbust

This worm eating 10 tons of sand just to swallow a person feels like if I drank an entire aquarium just to eat a goldfish.

letterboxd user rylanfilms

A Quiet Place Part II [2021]

why do they wanna live this badly

letterboxd user gayartkid

got real scared cillian and millicent were gonna kiss

letterboxd user parkerblake

I relate to the creatures in A Quiet Place because I too want everyone to shut the fuck up.

letterboxd user madfrieza

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Dune [review]

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Dune by Frank Herbert
Published by Macmillan Audio on May 17, 2007 (originally 1965)
my rating: ★★★ (3 stars)
Goodreads avg:
4.25 (as of 2022-01-24)
Spoiler-free review

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I can see the appeal of this, but it wasn’t really my thing. Listening to the audiobook helped a lot except how distracting I found the switch between narration and full cast. Sometimes the general narrator would read out the dialogue and sometimes the individual actors would, for no discernible reason. Paul was like THE most boring character, which reinforced how I felt about him when I watched the movie. Watching the new movie before reading did honestly help me understand the book more (and reading afterwards helped me understand the movie more as well). Honestly I wish the whole book had been focused on Jessica, she was truly the coolest character. I briefly considered continuing the series but the next book is about more PAUL, so I think I’m going to pass. Also, it was incredibly distracting how Herbert constantly described how fat the Baron was, and I hated how he played into the ‘predatory gay’ trope, but I guess it was written in the 60s.

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