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Letterboxd Gems VIII

Hi everyone! Time for another edition of Letterboxd Gems. As a reminder: every so often I’ll post particularly funny or entertaining Letterboxd reviews from movies I’ve seen recently. If you’ve never heard of Letterboxd, it’s like Goodreads but for movies (feel free to add me if you’d like!) and there are plenty of interesting reviews. I’ll usually sift through them after seeing a film, which is how I got the idea to share them! A lot of these reviews will have spoilers, so feel free to skip through only to films you’ve already seen if you’d like to avoid being spoiled.

The Resort [2021]

about 75 minutes too long.

letterboxd user waynewright

the best thing about this was that it was only and hour 15 

the worst thing about this was that it was made

letterboxd user werodiinero

they spent literally half of the movie just getting to the resort

letterboxd user iovewitch

Candyman [1992]

If Candyman was real I would simply just not say his name 5 times in the mirror 😌

letterboxd user sapphicquinn

candyman’s catchphrase really should have been “i am beesed to meet you”

letterboxd user jay

Tony Todd’s voice is the 8th Wonder of the World

letterboxd user patrickhwillems

Malignant [2021]

maybe the real parasitic professor quirrell gemini brother was the friend we made along the way

letterboxd user tarantulini

and they were wombmates

letterboxd user jay

Idk guys, this seemed pretty benign to me.

letterboxd user billgriff

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