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Letterboxd Gems VI

Hi everyone! Time for another edition of Letterboxd Gems. As a reminder: every so often I’ll post particularly funny or entertaining Letterboxd reviews from movies I’ve seen recently. If you’ve never heard of Letterboxd, it’s like Goodreads but for movies (feel free to add me if you’d like!) and there are plenty of interesting reviews. I’ll usually sift through them after seeing a film, which is how I got the idea to share them! A lot of these reviews will have spoilers, so feel free to skip through only to films you’ve already seen if you’d like to avoid being spoiled.

Evil Dead II [1987]

not a phone in sight, just Bruce Campbell screaming like a madman

letterboxd user uncutgems

everyone talks about the “groovy” line but when ash points a gun to the camera and says “swallow this” i can feel my soul leave my body

letterboxd user elementarii

the SECOND ‘a farewell to arms’ came into frame, it was 5 stars

letterboxd user kurstboy

Host [2020]

the awkward elbow bump they did to remain social distanced while being attacked by demons was the funniest shit i’ve seen in my life

letterboxd user mank

unfriended (2014): who are you?
host (2020): i’m you, but stronger

letterboxd user filmgraphy


Literally not a single soul:

Jemma: I’m going to create an environment that is so haunted

letterboxd user sapphicquinn

Searching [2018]

Bieber concert (confirmed)

letterboxd user lillfer

david moving “margot_fathersday.mp4” to trash and then emptying the trash was the saddest shit ever

letterboxd user namelessvero

if someone tried to facetime me i would call the cops too

letterboxd user minick

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