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Letterboxd Gems XI

Hi everyone! Time for another edition of Letterboxd Gems. As a reminder: every so often I’ll post particularly funny or entertaining Letterboxd reviews from movies I’ve seen recently. If you’ve never heard of Letterboxd, it’s like Goodreads but for movies (feel free to add me if you’d like!) and there are plenty of interesting reviews. I’ll usually sift through them after seeing a film, which is how I got the idea to share them! A lot of these reviews will have spoilers, so feel free to skip through only to films you’ve already seen if you’d like to avoid being spoiled.

Ammonite [2020]

why does ammonite feel like somebody watched an earlier cut of ammonite and wrote unfinished fanfiction about it


draw me like one of your fossils


no chemistry just geology


The Night House [2020]

Adding half star for having a character’s phone be on a charger while they sleep instead of just keeping it disconnected on the night stand like a sociopath.


for a moment i thought she’s gonna fuck the ghost like tori spelling in scary movie 2


jump scares should be illegal honestly


My Girl [1991]

I did this to myself and now I have to accept the consequences.


I remember the buzz about this movie. A childhood throwback that is the bee’s knees.


me after watching the bee movie (2007): protect all bees, even the ones who fall in love with humans

me after watching this: fuck bees. they can all choke, especially you, barry b. benson


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