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Women’s Prize 2019 Longlist

Last year, Rachel read the entire Man Booker longlist, which I thought was super fun to follow! The books weren’t all quite my cup of tea and I didn’t have time to join, but when she mentioned doing the same for the Women’s Prize for Fiction I decided now was the time. Hannah and Steph are also doing the same, so I think it’ll be a fun readalong!

I’m going to run through the longlist quickly here, so y’all can get a feel for what I need to read (14 books, in case you were wondering).

The only two books off the longlist that I’ve read are Ghost Wall and The Pisces. I gave both 5 stars, so I’d say that’s a promising start! The Pisces actually may have been my favorite book of 2018, so I’m glad to see it getting some recognition.

The following longlisted books were already on my TBR, so I’m excited to have a reason to prioritize them: The Silence of the Girls, My Sister, the Serial Killer, Freshwater (I actually DNFed this, but have considered returning to it), and Circe.

I had heard of but was on the fence about reading: Milkman, An American Marriage, and Normal People.

These books are actually all new to me, so it’ll be fun to pick up some fresh stuff: Remembered, Ordinary People, Swan Song, Number One Chinese Restaurant, Bottled Goods, Lost Children Archive, and Praise Songs for Butterflies.

Are any of y’all planning on picking up some of the longlist books?

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